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At Crossfit StPete we take pride in offering a fitness program for hard working, motivated, and everyday people. To us it doesn’t matter what your fitness level is, our gym and our Crossfit Program is designed to help everyone achieve their health and fitness goals. Along with nutritional advice from Dr Joseph Maltese, the best equipment available for general functional fitness, gymnastics, Olympic lifting, and powerlifting, CrossFit StPete helps you achieve a great quality of life by SUSTAINABLY improving your strength and health.
March 21st, 2018

Crossover Symmetry
400 M RUN/5OO M Row/15 cal AD
Couch Stretch 90 sec (ea side)
Banded pull aparts x20
Single leg Bridges x10 (ea leg)
Banded Side Shuffle 100'
Spiderman Lunges w/ twist & reach 50'
Single Leg RDLs x10 (ea leg)

2 Rounds
walking lunges x10
supermans x10
v-ups x10
Front Rack Walking Lunges for load:
#1: 10 reps
#2: 10 reps
#3: 10 reps
*Try to get athletes in teams of 3-4, switching after each working set.
EMOM, 10 mins
ODD min: 7 x 10m shuttle run
EVEN min: 40 Power Jumps

EMOM, 10 mins
ODD min: 10 x 10m shuttle run
EVEN min: 40 double unders (PJ 2-1)

EMOM, 10 mins
ODD min: 10 x 10m shuttle run
EVEN min: 40 double unders
Rounds, 3NFT
Dumbbell Bench Press x 6-8 reps
DB Row (single arm) x 5-6 reps each side

Rowing or SkiErg Intervals
150m x 7
*15 sec rest


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 What is CrossFit StPete?

What is CrossFit StPete?

At CrossFit StPete Strength & Conditioning we believe in improving your quality of life.

Now, this is typically the part of the web site where you would see the same thing that you see on every other CrossFit web site. It starts of like this…” CrossFit is core fitness programming using functional movements executed at a high intensity level…” We do all that, and if you want to read it, go HERE.

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No matter where you are at, we want you to be here. Everyone is welcome.

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