Programming Coaching Community


All from the comfort & safety of your home. All on your own schedule.

What you get with your home membership:

  • Access to daily workout programming, including modifications for home-based equipment
  • Access to our online workout journal and community leaderboard
  • Daily demo video of the workout’s movements
  • Movement Modifications Video Library
  • Weekly Live Q&A video session with Coach Meghan
  • Invitation to a once-a-month group coaching session (just for home-based members) at the St. Pete gym
  • Invitation to participate in all CFSP events, nutrition and lifestyle challenges, and Bring a Buddy Days


What equipment do I need?

  • Just a pair of dumbbells to start! If you want to add on a jump rope, something to step or jump on, and/or a kettlebell down the road, that’s all helpful but totally optional,

How long does the workout take each day?

  • How long you spend on warm-ups, cool-downs and any accessory work is up to you. But the main Home Workout is programmed to last around 15-25 minutes.

What if I need coaching help?

  • 4 ways (1) If you are local, you can come to our Introductory Class offered one Saturday each month. And there will also be a once-monthly coaching session just for home-based members. (2) Post your question in the CrossFit St. Pete embers Only Facebook group and a coach will respond. (3) Email us at crossfitstpete@gmail.com¬†Or (4) post a video of yourself on Facebook or Instagram and tag us using #crossfitstpete. We’ll be happy to give you feedback!

Can I add a spouse or a child to my account?

  • If someone else in your household would like to login their own workout scores in our Workout Journal and Leaderboard, and/or be in the private Facebook group, receive emails, etc., they will need their own membership.

Do you offer any discounts?

  • For families, each member gets $10 of (ex. both partners, would pay $30/month). We also offer 10% off for individuals who are military, first responders, medical professionals, teachers, and highshool/college/grad students.