Lifestyle Program

BODZII Online is our lifestyle program that is built for you to work on your own through a 9-week course.

The course focuses on food quality, building a relationship with food, hydration, sleep, stress, calories & energy balance, macronutrients, fad dieting and sustainability, and blood sugar and metabolic adaptation. The course is built to fit your schedule. Each week you will have reading materials, videos, and daily activities to help build a healthy lifestyle. During week 8, you’ll be able to schedule a call with a licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist. You will also be added to the BODZII email campaign and Facebook group.

“This is the only program where I was taught the reasons behind why I was eating a certain way!”

How does it work?

9 weeks. 8 topics

A lifetime of knowledge

  • Enroll online

  • Discover a new topic each week

  • Learn the most important information about each topic through videos, readings, and quizzes

  • Practice Daily Habits
  • Track your progress

  • Feel like your most amazing self

Lifestyle Challenges

Two times a year BODZII hosts a competitive, fun, and very rewarding challenge for Crossfit St Pete. During that challenge, you’ll have the support of the BODZII Nutritionist, Coaches, and your Peers. The challenge focuses on the following:

  • First Weigh In

  • Food Tracking and Points Tracking

  • Building a Healthier Relationship with Food

  • Hydration

  • Sleep

  • Stress

  • Calories and Energy Balance

  • Macronutrients

  • Fad Dieting and Sustainability

  • Blood Sugar and Metabolic Adaptation

  • Final Weigh-In


Level 1

Level 3

• Nutrition Email Drip Campaign

• Access to BODZii University

• 30 Minute Registered Dietitian Assessment

• 1-on-1 Weekly Nutrition Coaching

$250 + tax/month

(3-month commitment)

Level 1 Sold by CrossFit St. Pete

Level 2 & 3 sold by BODZII

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