CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program consisting of functional movements that are constantly varied at high intensity. CrossFit is designed to be broad including movements from a variety of disciplines. No matter what your goals are or fitness level is Crossfit is for you. Crossfit is for the novice, intermediate, and experienced fitness enthusiast.

Foundations consist of 3-4 one hour session with a coach teaching you several of the fundamental movements in Crossfit. During this process our goal is to help you feel comfortable while performing each movement, to understand the points and performance of each movement, to see how movements are complementary to one another and how crossfit can help improve your quality of life. First we focus on technique, then consistency, and lastly intensity.

The FITSTPETE Class is focused around providing a longer duration workout with the use of rowing, biking, and running while incorporating many of the fundamental movements of CrossFit. Here we will focus on higher reps and lighter weight movements. Type of movements are barbell, dumbbell, gymnastics, calisthenics, and plyometric type of movements.

The Olympic Lifting program focuses primarily on instructing and improving technical execution of the snatch, clean, and jerk.

At Crossfit StPete we highly recommend group crossfit classes, but we also understand that specific individuals might need 1 on 1 training. Personal training can be used to help an individual get ready for group classes, work on a specific skill, or to focus on a specific goal.