About CrossFit StPete


At CrossFit StPete  we believe in improving your quality of life.

Now, this is typically the part of the web site where you would see the same thing that you see on every other CrossFit web site. It starts of like this…” CrossFit is core fitness programming using functional movements executed at a high intensity level…”

But what is CROSSFIT STPETE really about? We’re about improving your quality of life. Sounds like some marketing BS, right. It’s not. Everything we do as Owners and Coaches is oriented on improving your entire quality of life. Not just about getting bigger biceps, a rounder butt, or losing some fat. That’s easy stuff. We take a much more holistic approach. What you gain from us is strength, health, fitness, confidence, and happiness. We don’t train to an ideal body image. We train to ideal fitness, and for each person that’s different.