WOD: June 8th, 2018

#800g Daily – Week 4

Daily points available:

+4 points, for eating 800g+ or more of fruits and veggies.
+2 points, for food diversity (must have 6+ items).
+1 point, for the bonus-of-the-week. Week 3 Bonus = eat 50g+ of something purple-colored.
+1 point, for working out at your affiliate.

Please use the first line of your entry to document how you got your points:
800, D, B, and/or WOD


Check out your standings here:

Feedback on the #800gChallenge

As the challenge is coming to a close, what did you think of the #800gChallenge (positive or negative)? Any lessons learned? What will change in your diet after the #800gChallenge ends?

Please leave any thoughts in your logs or email me at info@optimizemenutrition.com. Thank you!


400 M RUN/5OO M Row/15 cal AD
Scorpions x20
Sampsons 50′
Spinderman Lunges w/ reach 50′
Walking Side Lunges 50′
Squat Jumps x15

Partner Assisted or Banded (RED) Hamstring Curls x20

2 Rounds (empty bar)
5 Good mornings
5 lunges
5 back squats

WOD Prep (Movement Standards)
back squats (from the ground)
100m run

Partner WOD + Solo WOD

Partner WOD, rounds
20 RFT (10 each):
10 Back Squats 65/45
100m run

Partner WOD, rounds
20 RFT (10 each):
10 Back Squats 95/65
100m run

Partner WOD, rounds
20 RFT (10 each):
10 Back Squats 135/95
100m run
*back squat is from the ground


Crossover Symmetry
*look on the back side of the program, hanging between the chains and belts.

Max burpees in 3 mins