WOD: May 26th, 2018



Beach WOD

Join us Saturday, May 26th @ 8am.
Warm-up – 8am
WOD – 8:10am

Bring runnings shoes, goggles, swimcaps & water. Not sure what we’ll doing. CrossFitters should always be prepared for the unknowable! 😈

Surf Song Resort (Madeira Beach)
12960 Gulf Blvd, Madeira Beach, FL 33708

Beach parking off 130th Ave. Yes, you have to pay.

#800g Daily – Week 2

Daily points available:

+4 points, for eating 800g+ or more of fruits and veggies.
+2 points, for food diversity (must have 6+ items).
+1 point, for the bonus-of-the-week. Week 2 Bonus = eat 50g of leafy greens
+1 point, for working out at your affiliate

Please use the first line of your entry to document how you got your points:
800, D, B, and/or WOD

800 Grams of Fruit?

β€’ There has been a fruit backlash a bit in the whole food space under the guise of being β€œsugar.” But that is a reductionist approach to complex physiology.
β€’ See more here: