WOD: May 17th, 2018

#800g Daily – Week 1

Daily points available:

+4 points, for eating 800g+ or more of fruits and veggies.
+2 points, for food diversity (must have 6+ items).
+1 point, for the bonus-of-the-week. Week 1 Bonus = eat something orange-colored
+1 point, for working out at your affiliate

In your notes:
Line 1: where you got your points (use the code: 800, D, B, and WOD)
Then, document the items and grams you ate (e.g., Mango 100)

Questions? See scoring video:


Fruits and veggies in homemade smoothies count for the #800gChallenge. But, are smoothies your best option? See more here:


AMRAP 30 minutes
400m run/500m row/20 cal AD
100 Power Jumps
25 Sit-Ups
100m light prowler or sled pull
25 Bench dips
*the focus for today is to keep moving at an easy pace and not to hit muscle failure. If you need a day off to recover the 45 minute ROMWOD is always an options.


Gymnastics, EMOM
6 mins:
20 double unders + ME HSPU
*scale to HR Push-Ups

Double Under/Power Jump Pyramid
Option 1
Option 2
Option 1 or 2 can be done with Power Jumps or DU’s.
Complete the pyramid with no missed attempts before you move on to the next option. if you break before completing the full reps you must start back at the beginning. Can you do it all the way through with out messing up?



Inchworm w/ Cobra Pose x5
Leg Swings x40
Trunk Twist x20
Arm Swings x20
Arm Circles x20
Bear Crawl 100′
High Knees 100′
Butt Kicks 100′

3 Rounds
45 sec HS Hold
*15 sec rest