WOD: May 3rd, 2018


Inchworm w/ Cobra Pose x5
Leg Swings x40
Trunk Twist x20
Arm Swings x20
Arm Circles x20
Bear Crawl 100′
Jumping Lunges x20
Broad Jumps 100′

Double Under Practice (10 Mins)
– Stand tall
– Elbows bent and close
– hands slightly in front of the body
– Keep legs straight, try not to donkey kick
– Relax your shoulders and don’t forget to breath
– Power jumps – JUMP HIGH!


Gymnastics, 5 RNFT
30 sec HS hold
15 GHD situps

Double Under/Power Jump Pyramid
Option 1
Option 2
Option 1 or 2 can be done with Power Jumps or DU’s.
Complete the pyramid with no missed attempts before you move on to the next option. if you break before completing the full reps you must start back at the beginning. Can you do it all the way through with out messing up?



Options 1
MS running, for time
400m run
800m run
1200m run
1600m run
…rest 1 min between each…

Option 2
MS Rowing, for time
500m row
1000m row
1500m row
2000m row
…rest 1 min between each…

Option 3
MS SkiErg, for time
500m Ski
1000m Ski
1500m Ski
2000m Ski
…rest 1 min between each…

Option 4
MS AD, for time
30/20 Cal AD
40/30 cal AD
60/40 cal AD
70/50 cal AD
…rest 1 min between each…