WOD: December 14th, 2017


Leg Swings x40
Trunk Twist x20
Arm Swings x20
Arm Circles
Inchworm w/ Cobra Pose x5
Lunge w/ twist 50′
High Knees 100′
Butt kicks 100′
Build up Sprints x4

5 Rounds
HS Hold 35 sec on 25 off
*scaled to plank on hands


MS rowing, for time
1500m row
1 min rest, then:
5 x 150m sprint on rower
…30 sec rest between…

Scaled & RX
MS running, for time
1200m run
1 min rest, then:
5 x 100m sprint
…30 sec rest between…


Gymnastics, practice & AMRAP
Rope Climbs
Spend 5 mins going over technique: focus on bringing knees to chest, correct foot bite technique and how to come down faster.

Then, 6 min AMRAP:

Rope climbs

*Make athletes go in small groups, and have them alternating in an indian style fashion

Double Under/Power Jump Pyramid
Option 1
Option 2
Option 1 or 2 can be done with Power Jumps or DU’s.
Complete the pyramid with no missed attempts before you move on to the next option. if you break before completing the full reps you must start back at the beginning. Can you do it all the way through with out messing up???