WOD: July 13th, 2017


Crossover Symmetry
Leg Swings x40
Trunk Twist x20
Arm Swings x20
Inchworm w/ Cobra Pose x5
Single Leg RDL’s x20
100′ High knees
100′ Butt Kicks
100′ Karaoke

Tabata (8 rounds 20 on 10 off, 3:50 total)
Static Holds
Superman Holds


L.S.D. (Long Slow Distance)

Option 1
30-45 mins:
Row for max meters

Option 2
30-45 mins:
AD for max distance

Option 3
30-45 mins:
Ski Erg for max meters

Option 4
30-45 mins:
Run for max meters

-Pick one option or do a mix of all four.
-Score is total distance


10 Strict T2B (NO KIP)
3 High Box Jumps (You choose the height)