WOD: May 11th, 2017

Warm-Up (0-15min)

Crossover Symmetry
400 M RUN/5OO M Row/15 cal AD/500 M SkiErg
Inchworm w/ Cobra Pose x5
100′ Frankensteins
100′ High knees
100′ Butt Kicks
100′ Karaoke

Tabata (8 Rounds 20 on 10 off)
Lat Activation’s
Hollow Hold

METCON (15-60min)

L.S.D. (Long Slow Distance)
Option 1
30-45 mins:
Row for max meters
Option 2
30-45 mins:
AD for max distance
Option 3
30-45 mins:
Ski Erg for max meters
Option 4
30-45 mins:
Run for max meters

-Pick one option or do a mix of all four.



Double Under/Power Jump Pyramid
Option 1
Option 2
Option 1 or 2 can be done with Power Jumps or DU’s.
Complete the pyramid with no missed attempts before you move on to the next option.