WOD: February 3rd, 2017


400 M RUN/5OO M ROW/20 Cal AD/500m SkiErg
Crossover Symmetry
Banded Pull Aparts x20
Inch Worm w/ 3 push ups x5
50′ Duck Walk
50′ Crab Walk
Pass Throughs x 20
OH Squat holds

Barbell Warm-Up
10 Good Mornings
5 Front Squats
5 Strict Press
5 Thrusters


Partner “Tom”
In pairs, complete a 25 min AMRAP:
7 jumping pull-ups/Push-Ups (work at the same time, alt movements every round)
11 thrusters 45/35lb
14 Knee Raises
7 jumping muscle ups
11 thrusters 95/65lb
14 K2E
7 ring muscle ups
11 thrusters 135/95lb
14 T2B


4 rounds, rest as needed:
30 sec weighted plank (on hands)
30 sec Hollow Hold

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