Gym Equipment Stuck In Locked Car?

More often than not, people find themselves rushing to the gym to make it on time for the beginning of the next class late in the evening, or trying not to be late to work early in the morning. And let's face it; when we're in a rush, we have every chance to get clumsy, agitated, anxious, and end up in a pickle. Like locking the keys to our car inside the vehicle by accident, before heading into the gym at 5:30 in the morning. What then?


Do You Have A Spare Key Around?

Unless you carry a spare key on you at all times, chances are you are left contemplating your locked car – maybe glancing at your gym bag, unable to reach it. Or maybe you normally carry a set of dumbbells and other equipment parts on you, and you are now unable to get to them.

A spare key could easily help you regain access to the inside of your car hassle-free, and eliminate the need to figure out other time-, money-, and money-consuming solutions. If you do not already have a spare key for your vehicle, we strongly recommend you immediately get in touch ith a skilled automotive locksmith in town and have them sort out things for you. The best locksmiths only work with advanced tools and software that usually enable them to cut new spare keys on the spot. So don't worry about having to waste a lot of precious time on it. Plus, if you think spare keys are expensive, think again. There are lots of people who can say I found an emergency locksmith near me on and paid little money for their quality service. So you might want to start from there.


How Can 24/7 Local Locksmiths Help?

Take a look at their list of prices and flat rates for their most basic/common services, including home and commercial. These guys provide 24-hour support and they do it in a highly professional and speedy manner. Lockouts are always special types of emergencies that require the fastest response times, and these guys do have it right in this department. Thanks to their well-dispersed mobile teams on the field, they can rapidly each any address within approximately 20 minutes from placing a call to their dispatch number. You can also schedule appointments with them.


Other Solutions For Lockout Disasters

Luckily, there are plenty of other solutions at hand, some more demanding than others, and some more effective than the rest. Besides a MLA approved car locksmith that should be the first port of call, you can go online and search for homemade car lockout solutions.

  • Use a shoestring if your car has a locking mechanism that unlocks by pulling up. Tie a small loop in the middle of the shoelace and make sure it can be tightened. Work the string into the door, then pull the loop tight around the lock, and pull it back up. Repeat the procedure if you are unsuccessful from th first try.

  • Use a coat hanger to unlock your car; find a wire hanger that can be untwisted. Make a hook that goes inside the weather stripping in the window. Next, jiggle it around until you locate the locking mechanism.