Garage VS Paid Gyms – Safety Matters

At the beginning of each new year, thousands of people across the country make a new year's resolution, and it has everything to do with joining a gym. There are of courses folks who, for some reason or the other, might feel more comfortable building their own gym in their garage. And there are automatically those who are having trouble deciding between the two options. When it comes to working out, whether at home or in the gym, one thing is for sure: safety needs to come first. If you had completely disregarded this factor when trying to assess the two alternatives, you've reached the right spot.

Why Would Home Gyms Be Safer?

Let's think of it logically: to go to a paid membership gym, you most likely need to drive there. Or maybe you usually ride a bike, walk/jog there, or catch a bus or use another public transportation means. Did you ever have your wallet stolen on a community bus? What about getting involved in a car accident? Were any of your personal items stolen while your vehicle was parked outside the gym? The truth is there are loads of random incidents or accidents that could occur on your way to the gym and back, or even during your stay there, while your car remains park and unattended. By using the gym in your garage, you will eliminate the need to hit the road to get there.

Sure you can call an expert locksmith that also handles automotive services like the guys at and ask them to assess your car locks, keys, and ignition and recommend the best security boosting solutions. In fact, this is something mandatory regardless of whether you will use your car to drive to a local gym or not. Safety should always come first, and this is true when it comes to your home gym also.

Home Gyms & Security Issues

While you are sweating off some extra pounds inside your garage early in the morning or late at night, a burglar might be interested in grabbing your valuables and making a run for it. And most of them will do that senselessly and without you even realizing what is going on until later on in the day. Getting distracted while working out at home is something that happens to all of us, especially when jamming our favorite tunes on a loud volume.

This is where locksmith experts come into the picture again and help you secure your home and garage the best way possible. This could mean anything from re-keying some locks to replacing others with new ones, adding deadbolt locks to existing sets of locks, adding locks to windows especially ground-floor windows, reinforcing your garage door, installing alarm and monitoring systems and so on.

You can also use special storage options for your most expensive gym equipment and rely on portable locks and cable locks or monitoring systems that can broadcast live images straight to your smartphone 24/7. Having a nice gym setup inside your home or garage will also most likely attract burglars, and you need to be prepared for that also.