Tips For Keeping Your Gym Equipment Safe

When was the last time you went to the gym? Do you often times replace gym training with home workout sessions? This probably means you have your own set of gym equipment at home, and chances are you've invested quite some money into it. So the last thing you would like to see is your equipment getting stolen or damaged because of improper use or safety/storage measures. This article will guide your steps toward better maintenance and storage techniques that should come in handy right now. Without further ado, here is what you should do to keep your gym equipment safe and sound at all times.locksmiths finder

Prevention Is The Key

  • Preventative maintenance and security measures will significantly increase the longevity of your equipment. Setting up a regular preventative maintenance schedule will therefore help you keep downtime to a minimum. You will also get to save money on future repairs and service work.

  • While there are fitness equipment repair companies you can contact to throw a hand at you when your machines will break down. However, should your equipment not be properly maintained, the repair costs will go through the roof. Keeping a machine out of order for a long time means your training will have a lot to suffer. So it's definitely better to invest less in maintenance so you can enjoy your equipment more.

Keeping Your Equipment Safe

  • If you have a dedicated gym room around the house or inside your garage, you should have it properly secured so your bench presses, treadmill, rowing machine, weights and bars can remain safe long after you are done with your training and our of the room.

  • Talk to a professional locksmith like the guys at Locksmiths Finder and have them assess the locks around your gym room door/house. It is pointless to invest in high quality locks on a single door around the house and have poor quality locks on the rest of the doors, especially the main entrances. Commercial grade-1 or at least grade-2 locks preferably topped by deadbolt locks should get the job done. Mortise locks or electronic locks you can control with the help of a smartphone are also popular options nowadays.

  • Have a home locksmith install a security system around the house, and add monitoring cameras inside the gym so you can permanently keep an eye on your expensive equipment.

  • If you live in a ground-level house or at an inferior floor inside an apartment building, add safety grills to the windows. Consider having small-keyed locked installed for extra security; a residential locksmith that handles all types of locks for a living should have no problem fitting/servicing/re-keying any kind of lock, be it on a door or window.

  • Secure your garage door with additional locks and have them assessed and serviced periodically to prevent thieves from easily breaking in.

Read The Owner's Manual

This should include information on all the maintenance procedures and recommendations that will help you keep your machines in good working order. Download a digital copy if you don't have a printed one. Use soft cloths and non-abrasive cleaners to get rid of the dirt dust, and sweat that can damage the machines and keep the area around the gym equipment clean at all times.