Chris Hays

-Owner/Head Coach

-Crossfit Level 1

-Crossfit Level 2

-Crossfit Scaled







 Mike “Sully” Sullivan


-Crossfit level 1

-Father of Liam The Awesome!

-3rd generation Navy Veteran ( Desert Shield )
-Former Professional ‘Rassler
-Firefighter/EMT for St. Petersburg Fire and Rescue
-Wellness and fitness coordinator for SPFR and lead fitness trainer
-Fitness and Fire instructor at SPC FIRE ACADEMY
-In and around gyms since age 18
-Self-confessed nerd (comics, movies, video games)

I love the term CrossFit but hate that people brand me “one of those Crossfit people”, because I think that CFSP does so much more than just the “typical” CrossFit program that garners so much criticism from the general public…the thing that really drew me to CrossFit was the competition and comradery that helps to keep people from just going through the motions and consistently achieving attainable goals…I also believe that a great Heavy Metal soundtrack is the key to a new PR!!!

Favorite quote: “To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived-this is to have succeeded” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

 Joseph Maltese DC


-Clinical Nutritionist

-Crossfit Level 1

Andrea “Andee” Goode